Pantyhose vs. Stocking

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Pantyhose and Stocking is that the Pantyhose is a sheer stockings woven in one with panties and Stocking is a hosiery that covers the feet and legs to the knee or higher.

  • Pantyhose

    Pantyhose, called sheer tights in the United Kingdom and a few other countries, are close-fitting legwear covering the wearer’s body from the waist to the toes. Mostly considered to be a garment for women and girls, pantyhose first appeared on store shelves in 1959 (Allen Gant’s product, ‘Panti-Legs’) as a convenient alternative to stockings and/or control panties (which, in turn, replaced girdles).

    Like stockings or knee highs, pantyhose are usually made of nylon, or of other fibers blended with nylon. Pantyhose are designed to:

    Be attractive in appearance,

    Hide physical features such as blemishes, bruises, scars, hair, spider veins, or varicose veins,

    Reduce visible panty lines, and

    Ease chafing between feet and footwear, or between thighs.Besides being worn as fashion, in Western society pantyhose are sometimes worn by women as part of formal dress. Also, the dress code of some companies and schools may require pantyhose or fashion tights to be worn when skirts or shorts are worn as part of a uniform.

  • Stocking

    Stockings (also known as hose, especially in a historical context) are close-fitting, variously elastic garments covering the leg from the foot up to the knee or possibly part or all of the thigh. Stockings vary in color, design, and transparency. Today, stockings are primarily worn for fashion and aesthetics, usually in association with mid-length or short skirts.

  • Pantyhose (noun)

    Women’s thin nylon tights worn over the legs, usually tan in color.

  • Stocking (noun)

    A soft garment, usually knit or woven, worn on the foot and lower leg under shoes or other footwear.

    “a pair of stockings”

  • Stocking (noun)

    A broad ring of a different fur colour on the lower part of the leg of a quadruped.

  • Stocking (noun)

    A knitted hood of cotton thread which is eventually converted by a special process into an incandescent mantle for gas lighting.

  • Stocking (verb)

    present participle of stock

    “I’ve almost finished stocking these groceries.”


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