Owch vs. Ouch

By Jaxson

  • Owch (noun)

    obsolete form of ouch(a jewel)

  • Ouch (interjection)

    An expression of one’s own physical pain.

    “Ouch! You stepped on my toe! That hurt!”

  • Ouch (interjection)

    An expression in sympathy at another’s pain.

    “Ouch! Her sunburn looks awful.”

  • Ouch (interjection)

    A reply to an insult (frequently one that is tongue-in-cheek or joking).

    “Ouch. How could you say that?”

  • Ouch (interjection)

    An expression of disappointment.

    “Ouch, I really wanted to do that.”

  • Ouch (interjection)

    Expressing surprise at the high price of something.

    “”Ouch, one hundred thousand dollars for a car! I could never afford that!”

  • Ouch (noun)

    alternative form of ouche


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