Oversight vs. Oversite

By Jaxson

  • Oversight (noun)

    An omission; something that is left out, missed or forgotten.

    “A small oversight at this stage can lead to big problems later.”

  • Oversight (noun)

    Supervision or management.

    “The bureaucracy was subject to government oversight.”

  • Oversight (verb)

    To oversee; to supervise.

  • Oversite (adjective)

    Laid over the ground

  • Oversite (noun)

    An oversite slab, a slab on grade, a flat, solid layer of concrete laid over prepared ground, usually serving as a base for flooring.

  • Oversight (noun)

    an unintentional failure to notice or do something

    “he had simply missed Parsons out by an oversight”

    “was the mistake due to oversight?”

  • Oversight (noun)

    the action of overseeing something

    “effective oversight of the financial reporting process”

  • Oversite (noun)

    a layer of concrete used to seal the earth under the ground floor of a house.

Oxford Dictionary

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