Omage vs. Homage

By Jaxson

Which is correct: Omage or Homage

How to spell Homage?

Correct Spelling
Incorrect Spelling
  • Homage (noun)

    A demonstration of respect, such as towards an individual after their retirement or death

  • Homage (noun)

    An imitating another in a flattering style. Recently, the pronunciation /oʊˈmɒːʒ/ has been introduced from French for this usage; see hommage, which preserves the French spelling.

  • Homage (noun)

    In feudalism, the formal oath of a vassal to honor his or her lord’s rights.

  • Homage (verb)

    To pay reverence to by external action.

  • Homage (verb)

    To cause to pay homage.


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