Occasionally vs. Occasional

By Jaxson

  • Occasionally (adverb)

    From time to time; sometimes; at relatively infrequent intervals

    “now and then|once in a while”

  • Occasional (adjective)

    Occurring or appearing irregularly from time to time, but not often.

    “He was mostly solitary, but enjoyed the occasional visitor.”

    “He took an occasional glass of wine.”

  • Occasional (adjective)

    Created for a specific occasion.

    “Elgar’s music was not created to be occasional music for high-school graduations.”

  • Occasional (adjective)

    Intended for use as the occasion requires.

    “What your living room needs are some occasional chairs.”

  • Occasional (adjective)

    Acting in the indicated role from time to time.

    “He is an occasional writer of letters to the editor.”

  • Occasional (noun)

    A person who does something only occasionally.

  • Occasional (adjective)

    occurring, appearing, or done infrequently and irregularly

    “the occasional car went by but no taxis”

  • Occasional (adjective)

    (of furniture) made or adapted for use on a particular occasion or for infrequent use

    “an occasional table”

  • Occasional (adjective)

    (of a literary composition, speech, religious service, etc.) produced on or intended for a special occasion

    “he wrote occasional verse for patrons”

  • Occasional (adjective)

    employed for a particular occasion or on an irregular basis

    “occasional freelancer seeks full-time position”

Oxford Dictionary

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