Nil vs. None

By Jaxson

  • Nil (noun)

    Nothing; zero.

  • Nil (determiner)

    No, not any.

  • None (pronoun)

    Not any of a given number or group.

    “None of those is a good example. None are even acceptable.”

    “None of this meat tastes right.”

  • None (pronoun)

    No one, nobody.

    “None of those people is my father.”

  • None (determiner)

    Not any; no.

  • None (adverb)

    To no extent, in no way. from 11th c.

    “I felt none the worse for my recent illness.”

    “He was none too pleased with the delays in the program that was supposed to be his legacy.”

  • None (adverb)

    Not at all. from 13th c.

    “Now don’t you worry none.”

  • None (adverb)

    No, not. 14th-16th c.

  • None (noun)

    A person without religious affiliation.

  • None (noun)

    : the ninth hour after dawn; the religious service appointed to this hour.

  • None (noun)

    : the time around or following noon or nones.


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