Neigh vs. Nay

By Jaxson

  • Neigh (noun)

    The cry of a horse.

  • Neigh (verb)

    to make its cry

  • Neigh (verb)

    to make a sound similar to a horse’s cry

    “This fake laughter sounds like a horse neighing.”

  • Neigh (verb)

    To scoff or sneer.

  • Nay (interjection)


  • Nay (conjunction)

    or even, or more like, or should I say. Introduces a stronger and more appropriate expression than the preceding one.

    “His face was dirty, nay filthy.”

  • Nay (noun)

    A vote against.

    “I vote nay, even though the motion is popular, because I would rather be right than popular.”

  • Nay (noun)

    A person who voted against.

    “The vote is 4 in favor and 20 opposed; the nays have it.”

  • Nay (noun)

    A denial; a refusal. []

  • Nay (verb)

    To refuse.

  • Nay (adjective)



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