Naan vs. Roti

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Naan and Roti is that the Naan is a Asian flatbread and Roti is a South Asian flatbread

  • Naan

    Naan is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread found in the cuisines of the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia.

  • Roti

    Roti (also known as chapati) is a round flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent made from stoneground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta, and water that is combined into a dough. Roti is consumed in many countries worldwide. Its defining characteristic is that it is unleavened. Naan from the Indian subcontinent, by contrast, is a yeast-leavened bread, as is kulcha. Like breads around the world, roti is a staple accompaniment to other foods.

  • Naan (noun)

    A type of round, flat bread baked in a tandoor popular in South and Central Asian cuisine.

  • Roti (noun)

    A kind of unleavened flatbread commonly consumed in South Asia and the Caribbean.

    “Nepalis eat sweet fried rice-flour doughnuts called sel roti.”



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