Murder vs. Manslaughter

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Murder and Manslaughter is that the Murder is a unlawful killing of a human with malice aforethought and Manslaughter is a crime of killing of a human being by another human being, less serious than murder

  • Murder

    Murder is the unlawful killing of another human without justification or valid excuse, especially the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought. This state of mind may, depending upon the jurisdiction, distinguish murder from other forms of unlawful homicide, such as manslaughter. Manslaughter is a killing committed in the absence of malice, brought about by reasonable provocation, or diminished capacity. Involuntary manslaughter, where it is recognized, is a killing that lacks all but the most attenuated guilty intent, recklessness.

    Most societies consider murder to be an extremely serious crime, and thus believe that the person charged should receive harsh punishments for the purposes of retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, or incapacitation. In most countries, a person convicted of murder generally faces a long-term prison sentence, possibly a life sentence; and in a few, the death penalty may be imposed.

  • Manslaughter

    Manslaughter is a common law legal term for homicide considered by law as less culpable than murder. The distinction between murder and manslaughter is sometimes said to have first been made by the ancient Athenian lawmaker Draco in the 7th century BC.The definition of manslaughter differs among legal jurisdictions.

  • Murder (noun)

    An act of deliberate killing of another being, especially a human.

    “There have been ten unsolved murders this year alone.”

  • Murder (noun)

    The crime of deliberate killing of another human.

    “The defendant was charged with murder.”

  • Murder (noun)

    The commission of an act which abets the commission of a crime the commission of which causes the death of a human.

  • Murder (noun)

    Something terrible to endure.

    “This headache is murder.”

  • Murder (noun)

    A group of crows; the collective noun for crows.

  • Murder (verb)

    To kill (a person or persons).

    “The woman found dead in her kitchen was murdered by her husband.”

  • Murder (verb)

    To defeat decisively.

    “Our team is going to murder them.”

  • Murder (verb)

    To mangle.

  • Murder (verb)

    To kick someone’s ass or chew someone out (used to express one’s anger at somebody).

    “He’s torn my best shirt. When I see him, I’ll murder him!”

  • Murder (verb)

    to devour, ravish.

    “I could murder a hamburger right now.”

  • Manslaughter (noun)

    The slaying of a human being.

  • Manslaughter (noun)

    The unlawful killing of a human, either in negligence or incidentally to the commission of some unlawful act, but without specific malice, or upon a sudden excitement of anger.


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