Monopolise vs. Monopolize

By Jaxson

  • Monopolise (verb)

    alternative spelling of monopolize

  • Monopolize (verb)

    To have a monopoly on something

  • Monopolize (verb)

    To dominate or to get total control of something by excluding everyone else

    “Teachers try not to let any one student monopolize a class discussion.”

  • Monopolize (verb)

    (of an organization or group) obtain exclusive possession or control of (a trade, commodity, or service)

    “they instituted press censorship and monopolized the means of communication”

  • Monopolize (verb)

    have or take the greatest share of

    “the bigger clubs monopolize the most profitable sponsorships and TV deals”

  • Monopolize (verb)

    get or keep exclusively to oneself

    “Sophie monopolized the guest of honour for most of the evening”

Oxford Dictionary

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