Missal vs. Missalette

By Jaxson

  • Missal

    A missal is a liturgical book containing all instructions and texts necessary for the celebration of Mass throughout the year.

  • Missal (noun)

    A prayer book

  • Missal (noun)

    A book containing the prayers and responses needed when celebrating the Roman Catholic Mass throughout the year

  • Missalette (noun)

    A small missal, especially one published periodically.

  • Missal (noun)

    a book containing the texts used in the Catholic Mass throughout the year

    “the bookcase contained an assortment of old prayer books, missals, and devotional pamphlets”

    “Christian influence on Viking art is demonstrated by the illuminated missals and gold reliquaries”

  • Missalette (noun)

    A sheet or pamphlet containing the prayers, readings, etc., for the Mass of a specific day.

Oxford Dictionary

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