Misery vs. Suffering

By Jaxson

  • Suffering

    Suffering, or pain in a broad sense, may be an experience of unpleasantness and aversion associated with the perception of harm or threat of harm in an individual. Suffering is the basic element that makes up the negative valence of affective phenomena. The opposite of suffering is pleasure or happiness.

    Suffering is often categorized as physical or mental. It may come in all degrees of intensity, from mild to intolerable. Factors of duration and frequency of occurrence usually compound that of intensity. Attitudes toward suffering may vary widely, in the sufferer or other people, according to how much it is regarded as avoidable or unavoidable, useful or useless, deserved or undeserved.

    Suffering occurs in the lives of sentient beings in numerous manners, often dramatically. As a result, many fields of human activity are concerned with some aspects of suffering. These aspects may include the nature of suffering, its processes, its origin and causes, its meaning and significance, its related personal, social, and cultural behaviors, its remedies, management, and uses.

  • Misery (noun)

    Great unhappiness; extreme pain of body or mind; wretchedness; distress; woe.

    “Ever since his wife left him you can see the misery on his face.”

  • Misery (noun)

    A bodily ache or pain.

  • Misery (noun)

    Cause of misery; calamity; misfortune.

  • Misery (noun)

    (Extreme) poverty.

  • Misery (noun)

    ; avarice.

  • Suffering (adjective)

    Experiencing pain.s

  • Suffering (noun)

    The condition of someone who suffers; a state of pain or distress.

  • Suffering (verb)

    present participle of suffer

  • Misery (noun)

    a state or feeling of great physical or mental distress or discomfort

    “the misery of the miner’s existence”

    “a man who had brought her nothing but misery”

  • Misery (noun)

    a cause or source of great distress or discomfort

    “the miseries of war”

  • Misery (noun)

    a person who is constantly miserable or discontented

    “have we really been such a bunch of miseries to work with?”

  • Suffering (noun)

    the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship

    “weapons that cause unnecessary suffering”

    “his disregard for the sufferings of his fellow countrymen”

Oxford Dictionary

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