Metamerism vs. Tagmatization

By Jaxson

  • Metamerism

    Metamerism may refer to:

    Metamerism (biology), in zoology and developmental biology, the property of having repeated segments, as in annelids

    Metamerism (color), in colorimetry, a perceived matching of the colors that, based on differences in spectral power distribution, do not actually match

    In chemistry, the chemical property of having the same proportion of atomic components in different arrangements (obsolete, replaced with isomer). In organic chemistry, compounds having the same molecular formula but different number of carbon atoms (alkyl groups) on either side of functional group (i.e., -O-,-S-, -NH-, -C(=O)-) are called metamers and the phenomenon is called metamerism.

  • Metamerism (noun)

    The segmentation of the body into similar discrete units.

  • Metamerism (noun)

    The matching of apparent color of objects with different spectral power distributions.

  • Metamerism (noun)

    Structural isomerism.

  • Tagmatization (noun)

    The active process whereby tagmosis occurs


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