Mangy vs. Mangey

By Jaxson

  • Mangey

    The mangey, mungey or mangay is a membranophone percussion instrument of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. It consists of a large clay pot with a thin skin head stretched over the mouth, and fixed with cords. It is struck directly with fingers and palm, to produce bass and slap sounds. It is usually accompanied by a metal vase, played with the other hand, to produce the treble sounds. The mangey player (mangiwal) carries the rhythmical pattern to accompany the rubab or harmonium players in instrumental music or vocal epic songs.

  • Mangy (adjective)

    Afflicted with mange.

  • Mangy (adjective)

    Worn and squalid-looking; bedraggled or decrepit.

    “We stayed in a really mangy hotel in New York.”

  • Mangey (adjective)

    alternative form of mangy

  • Mangy (adjective)

    having mange.

  • Mangy (adjective)

    in poor condition; shabby

    “a girl in a mangy fur coat”

Oxford Dictionary

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