Lozenge vs. Rhombus

By Jaxson

  • Lozenge

    A lozenge (◊), often referred to as a diamond, is a form of rhombus. The definition of lozenge is not strictly fixed, and it is sometimes used simply as a synonym (from the French losange) for rhombus. Most often, though, lozenge refers to a thin rhombus—a rhombus with two acute and two obtuse angles, especially one with acute angles of 45°. The lozenge shape is often used in parquetry (with acute angles that are 360°/n with n being an integer higher than 4, because they can be used to form set of tiles of the same shape and size, reusable to cover the plane in various geometric patterns as the result of a tiling process called tessellation in mathematics) and as decoration on ceramics, silverware and textiles. It also features in heraldry and playing cards.

  • Rhombus

    In Euclidean geometry, a rhombus (◊) (plural rhombi or rhombuses) is a simple (non-self-intersecting) quadrilateral whose four sides all have the same length. Another name is equilateral quadrilateral, since equilateral means that all of its sides are equal in length. The rhombus is often called a diamond, after the diamonds suit in playing cards which resembles the projection of an octahedral diamond, or a lozenge, though the former sometimes refers specifically to a rhombus with a 60° angle (see Polyiamond), and the latter sometimes refers specifically to a rhombus with a 45° angle.

    Every rhombus is a parallelogram and a kite. A rhombus with right angles is a square.

  • Lozenge (noun)

    A quadrilateral with sides of equal length (rhombus), having two acute and two obtuse angles.

  • Lozenge (noun)

    A small tablet (originally diamond-shaped) or medicated sweet used to ease a throat.

  • Lozenge (verb)

    To form into the shape of a lozenge.

  • Lozenge (verb)

    To mark or emblazon with a lozenge.

  • Rhombus (noun)

    Any of several flatfishes, including the brill and turbot, once considered part of the genus Rhombus, now in ver=170601. from 16th c.

  • Rhombus (noun)

    Snails, now in genus Conus or family Conidae.

  • Rhombus (noun)

    A parallelogram having all sides of equal length. from 16th c.

  • Rhombus (noun)

    a quadrilateral all of whose sides have the same length.

Oxford Dictionary

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