Lessee vs. Leaser

By Jaxson

  • Lessee (noun)

    An individual or a corporation who has the right of use of something of value, gained through a lease agreement with the real owner of the property.

  • Lessee (noun)

    The entity to whom a lease is given, or who takes an estate by lease.

  • Lessee (noun)

    Someone who is allowed to use a house, building, land etc. for a period of time in return for payment to the owner.

  • Lessee (verb)

    eye dialect of let’s see

  • Leaser (noun)

    One who leases or gleans; lessor.

    “The owner of the property is the leaser when they rent it by lease to a lessee.”

  • Leaser (noun)


  • Lessee (noun)

    a person who holds the lease of a property; a tenant

    “the brewery said that the lessees of its pubs have no obligation to buy its beer”

Oxford Dictionary

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