Less vs. Least

By Jaxson

  • Less (adverb)

    To a smaller extent.

  • Less (adverb)

    In lower degree.

    “This is a less bad solution than I thought possible.”

  • Less (adjective)

    ; smaller, lesser. from 11th c.

  • Less (adjective)

    comparative of little: a smaller amount (of); not as much. from 14th c.

    “I have less than you have.”

    “I have less tea than coffee.”

  • Less (adjective)

    comparative of few: fewer; a smaller number of. from 9th c.

  • Less (preposition)

    Minus; not including

    “It should then tax all of that as personal income, less the proportion of the car’s annual mileage demonstrably clocked up on company business.”

  • Less (verb)

    To make less; to lessen.

  • Less (conjunction)


  • Least (determiner)

    ; the smallest amount of [something uncountable].

    “He earns the least money in his family.”

    “Of all the sisters, she has the least patience.”


    “can only afford to pay the least of the bills.”

  • Least (adverb)

    Used for forming superlatives of adjectives, especially those that do not form the superlative by adding -est.

    “It was the least surprising thing.”

  • Least (adverb)

    In the smallest or lowest degree; in a degree below all others.

    “to reward those who least deserve it”

  • Least (noun)

    Something of the smallest possible extent; an indivisible unit.


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