Lactate vs. Lactose

By Jaxson

  • Lactose

    Lactose is a disaccharide. It is a sugar composed of galactose and glucose and has the formula C12H22O11. Lactose makes up around 2–8% of milk (by weight). The name comes from lac (gen. lactis), the Latin word for milk, plus the suffix -ose used to name sugars. The compound is a white, water-soluble, non-hygroscopic solid with a mildly sweet taste. It is used in the food industry.

  • Lactate (verb)

    To secrete or produce milk

  • Lactate (noun)

    Any salt or ester of lactic acid

  • Lactose (noun)

    The disaccharide sugar of milk and dairy products, C12H22O11, a product of glucose and galactose used as a food and in medicinal compounds.


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