Kafuffle vs. Kerfuffle

By Jaxson

  • Kerfuffle

    Kerfuffle were a four-piece English folk band, originally formed in 2001 around the East Midlands and South Yorkshire regions of the UK, initially comprising Hannah James (accordion, piano, vocals, step dancing), Sam Sweeney (fiddle, percussion), Chris Thornton-Smith (guitar) and Tom Sweeney (bass guitar). Thornton-Smith was replaced by Jamie Roberts in 2007. Kerfuffle disbanded in August 2010.

    The word kerfuffle is originally from Scots carfuffle meaning disturbance, commotion, or fuss.

  • Kafuffle (noun)

    alternative spelling of kerfuffle

  • Kerfuffle (noun)

    A disorderly outburst, disturbance, commotion, or tumult.


  • Kerfuffle (verb)

    To make a disorderly outburst or commotion.

  • Kerfuffle (noun)

    a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views

    “there was a kerfuffle over the chairmanship”

Oxford Dictionary

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