Intrusive vs. Obtrusive

By Jaxson

  • Intrusive (adjective)

    Tending to intrude; doing that which is not welcome; interrupting or disturbing; entering without permission or welcome.

    “Did it ever cross your mind that he might find all those questions you ask intrusive?”

  • Intrusive (adjective)

    Of rocks: forced, while in a plastic or molten state, into the cavities or between the cracks or layers of other rocks.

  • Intrusive (noun)

    An igneous rock that is forced, while molten, into cracks or between other layers of rock

  • Obtrusive (adjective)


    “The facade of the building was ornamented with obtrusive sculpted designs.”

  • Obtrusive (adjective)

    Noticeable; displeasing way.

    “He has an obtrusive forehead.”

  • Obtrusive (adjective)


    “The office manager is an unpleasantly obtrusive individual.”

  • Intrusive (adjective)

    causing disruption or annoyance through being unwelcome or uninvited

    “that was an intrusive question”

    “tourist attractions that are environmentally intrusive”

  • Intrusive (adjective)

    (of a sound) pronounced between words or syllables to facilitate pronunciation, such as an r in saw a film.

  • Intrusive (adjective)

    relating to or formed by intrusion.

Oxford Dictionary

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