Interpreter vs. Interpretor

By Jaxson

  • Interpreter (noun)

    One who listens to a speaker in one language and relates that utterance to the audience in a different language. Contrasted with translator.

    “A Japanese man who is tried before a German court is assisted by an interpreter in making oral statements.”

  • Interpreter (noun)

    One who explains something, such as an art exhibit. One who does heritage interpretation.

  • Interpreter (noun)

    A program which executes another program written in a programming language other than machine code.

    “Programs written in the BASIC language are usually run through an interpreter, though some can be compiled.”

  • Interpretor (noun)

    archaic form of interpreter

  • Interpreter (noun)

    a person who interprets, especially one who translates speech orally or into sign language.

  • Interpreter (noun)

    a program that can analyse and execute a program line by line.

Oxford Dictionary

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