Interfere vs. Meddle

By Jaxson

  • Meddle

    Meddle is the sixth studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd, released on 31 October 1971 by Harvest Records. It was produced between the band’s touring commitments, from January to August 1971. The album was recorded at a series of locations around London, including Abbey Road Studios and Morgan Studios.

    With no material to work with and no clear idea of the album’s direction, the group devised a series of novel experiments which eventually inspired the album’s signature track, “Echoes”. Although the band’s later albums would be unified by a central theme with lyrics written entirely by Roger Waters, Meddle was a group effort with lyrical contributions from each member, and is considered a transitional album between the Syd Barrett-influenced group of the late 1960s and the emerging Pink Floyd. The cover has been explained by its creator, Storm Thorgerson, to be an ear underwater. As with several previous albums designed by Hipgnosis, though, Thorgerson was unhappy with the final result.

    The album was well-received by music critics upon its release, and was commercially successful in the United Kingdom, but lackluster publicity on the part of their United States-based label led to poor sales there upon initial release.

  • Interfere (verb)

    To get involved or involve oneself, causing disturbance.

    “I always try not to interfere with other people‚Äôs personal affairs.”

  • Interfere (verb)

    (of waves) To be correlated with each other when overlapped or superposed.

    “Correlated waves interfere to produce interesting patterns, while uncorrelated waves overlap without interfering.”

    “Where the radio-wave signals of the two radio stations interfere the listener hears nothing but noise.”

  • Interfere (verb)

    To strike one foot against the opposite foot or ankle in using the legs.

  • Interfere (verb)

    To sexually molest, especially of a child.

    “The investigation found the boys had been interfered with.”

  • Meddle (verb)

    To interfere in or with; to concern oneself with unduly. from 14thc.

  • Meddle (verb)

    To interest or engage oneself; to have to do (with), in a good sense.

  • Meddle (verb)

    To mix (something) with some other substance; to commingle, combine, blend. 14th-17thc.

  • Meddle (verb)

    To have sex. from 14thc.

  • Meddle (verb)

    interfere in something that is not one’s concern

    “I don’t want him meddling in our affairs”

  • Meddle (verb)

    touch or handle (something) without permission

    “you have no right to come in here meddling with my things”

Oxford Dictionary

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