Instinctually vs. Instinctively

By Jaxson

  • Instinctually (adverb)

    In an instinctual way.

  • Instinctively (adverb)

    Innately; by instinct; without being taught.

    “Fish instinctively know how to swim; most humans don’t.”

  • Instinctually (adverb)

    in a way that relates to an innate, typically fixed pattern of behaviour; by instinct

    “I knew instinctually that I had to get out”

    “the ant instinctually tries to fulfil the needs of its community”

  • Instinctively (adverb)

    without conscious thought; by natural instinct

    “Elizabeth reacted instinctively in giving him a hug”

    “some people know instinctively what suits them”

Oxford Dictionary

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