Insipid vs. Insipidity

By Jaxson

  • Insipid (adjective)

    unappetizingly flavorless

    “The diners were disappointed with the plain, insipid soup they were served.”

  • Insipid (adjective)

    flat; lacking character or definition

    “The textbook had a most insipid presentation of the controversy.”

  • Insipid (adjective)

    cloyingly sweet or sentimental

    “Greeting cards contain some of the most insipid words ever written.”

  • Insipidity (noun)

    The condition of being insipid; insipidness.

  • Insipidity (noun)

    Something that is insipid; an insipid utterance, sight, object, etc.

  • Insipid (adjective)

    lacking flavour; weak or tasteless

    “mugs of insipid coffee”

  • Insipid (adjective)

    lacking vigour or interest

    “many artists continued to churn out insipid, shallow works”

Oxford Dictionary

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