Inquiry vs. Question

By Jaxson

  • Inquiry

    An inquiry is any process that has the aim of augmenting knowledge, resolving doubt, or solving a problem. A theory of inquiry is an account of the various types of inquiry and a treatment of the ways that each type of inquiry achieves its aim.

  • Inquiry (noun)

    The act of inquiring; a seeking of information by asking questions; interrogation; a question or questioning.

  • Inquiry (noun)

    Search for truth, information, or knowledge; examination of facts or principles; research; investigation

    “Scientific inquiry”

  • Question (noun)

    A sentence, phrase or word which asks for information, reply or response; an interrogative.

    “What is your question?”

  • Question (noun)

    A subject or topic for consideration or investigation.

    “The question of seniority will be discussed at the meeting.”

    “There was a question of which material to use.”

  • Question (noun)

    A doubt or challenge about the truth or accuracy of a matter.

    “His claim to the property has come under question.”

    “The story is true beyond question.”

    “He obeyed without question.”

  • Question (noun)

    A proposal to a meeting as a topic for deliberation.

    “I move that the question be put to a vote.”

  • Question (noun)

    Interrogation by torture.

  • Question (noun)

    Talk; conversation; speech.

    “Made she no verbal question? Shakespeare King Lear ca. 1606”

  • Question (verb)

    To ask questions of; interrogate; enquire; ask for information.

  • Question (verb)

    To raise doubts about; have doubts about.

  • Question (verb)

    To argue; to converse; to dispute.


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