Inheritable vs. Heritable

By Jaxson

  • Heritable

    Heritability is a statistic used in the fields of breeding and genetics that estimates the degree of variation in a phenotypic trait in a population that is due to genetic variation between individuals in that population. In other words, the concept of heritability can alternately be expressed in the form of the following question: “What is the proportion of the variation in a given trait within a population that is not explained by the environment or random chance?”

    Other causes of measured variation in a trait are characterized as environmental factors, including measurement error. In human studies of heritability these are often apportioned into factors from “shared environment” and “non-shared environment” based on whether they tend to result in persons brought up in the same household being more or less similar to persons who were not.

    Heritability is estimated by comparing individual phenotypic variation among related individuals in a population. Heritability is an important concept in quantitative genetics, particularly in selective breeding and behavior genetics (for instance, twin studies).

  • Inheritable (adjective)

    That can be inherited.

    “an inheritable estate or title”

    “an inheritable disease”

  • Inheritable (adjective)

    Capable of taking by inheritance, or of receiving by descent; capable of succeeding to, as an heir.

  • Heritable (adjective)

    That can legally be inherited.

  • Heritable (adjective)

    Genetically transmissible from parent to offspring; hereditary.

  • Inheritable (adjective)

    capable of being inherited

    “inheritable property”

    “these characteristics are inheritable”

  • Heritable (adjective)

    (of a characteristic) transmissible from parent to offspring

    “intelligence is to some degree heritable”

  • Heritable (adjective)

    (of property) capable of being inherited by heirs-at-law

    “heritable property was excluded from the valuation”

Oxford Dictionary

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