Ingestion vs. Egestion

By Jaxson

  • Ingestion

    Ingestion is the consumption of a substance by an organism. In animals it normally is accomplished by taking in a substance through the mouth into the gastrointestinal tract; such as through eating or drinking. In single-celled organisms ingestion takes place by absorbing a substance through the cell membrane.

    Besides nutritional items, may be ingested include medication (where ingestion is termed oral administration), recreational drugs, and substances considered inedible; such as foreign bodies or excrement. Ingestion is a common route taken by pathogenic organisms and poisons entering the body.

    Ingestion can also refer to a mechanism picking up something and making it enter an internal hollow of that mechanism, e.g. “a grille was fitted to prevent the pump from ingesting driftwood”.

  • Ingestion (noun)

    The action of ingesting, or consuming something orally, whether it be food, drink, medicine, or other substance. It is usually referred to as the first step of digestion.

  • Egestion (noun)

    The act or result of egesting


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