Inappropriate vs. Unappropriate

By Jaxson

  • Inappropriate

    Inappropriateness refers to standards or ethics that are typically viewed as being negative in society. It differs from things that are illicit in that inappropriate behavior does not necessarily have any accompanying legal ramifications.

  • Unappropriate

    Unappropriate is the third studio album by Michael Carr’s comedy character Buddy Goode. It was officially released both digitally and on CD in stores on 17 August 2012.

    The album won an ARIA Award in the category of Best Comedy Release at the 2012 ceremony.

  • Inappropriate (adjective)

    Not appropriate; not suitable for the situation, time, or place.

    “It is inappropriate to burp at a formal dinner.”

  • Inappropriate (adjective)

    Improper; adult; sexual.

    “kids saying inappropriate things”

  • Unappropriate (verb)

    To take from private possession; to restore to the possession or right of all.

    “to unappropriate a monopoly”

  • Unappropriate (adjective)

    Inappropriate; unsuitable.

  • Unappropriate (adjective)

    Not appropriated.

  • Inappropriate (adjective)

    not suitable or proper in the circumstances

    “it would be inappropriate for me to comment”

    “there are penalties for inappropriate behaviour”

Oxford Dictionary

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