Inactive vs. Unactive

By Jaxson

  • Inactive

    Inactive is a TRPV channel in invertebrates. Inactive mutant flies show locomotor and hearing deficits.

  • Inactive (adjective)

    Not active, temporarily or permanently.

    “The volcano is inactive, but is only dormant.”

    “An inactive boy, he rarely exercised and preferred to stay indoors.”

  • Inactive (adjective)

    Not functioning or operating; broken down

    “The photocopier is inactive pending repair.”

  • Inactive (adjective)

    Retired from duty or service.

    “Admiral Jones is now on the inactive list.”

  • Inactive (adjective)

    Relatively inert.

    “Aluminium is inactive towards water.”

  • Inactive (adjective)

    Showing no optical activity in polarized light.

    “Synthetic glycine is optically inactive as it contains equal amounts of the d- and l- form.”

  • Unactive (adjective)

    Not active; inactive.

  • Inactive (adjective)

    not engaging in or involving any or much physical activity

    “an inactive lifestyle”

  • Inactive (adjective)

    not working; inoperative

    “the device remains inactive while the computer is started up”

  • Inactive (adjective)

    not engaging in political or other activity

    “an inactive Russian spy”

  • Inactive (adjective)

    having no chemical or biological effect

    “the inactive X chromosome”

  • Inactive (adjective)

    (of a disease) not exhibiting symptoms

    “inactive Crohn’s disease”

Oxford Dictionary

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