Illegitimize vs. Delegitimize

By Jaxson

  • Delegitimize

    Delegitimisation (also spelled delegitimation) is the withdrawal of legitimacy, usually from some institution such as a state, cultural practice, etc. which may have acquired it explicitly or implicitly, by statute or accepted practice. It is a sociopsychological process which undermines or marginalises an entity by presenting facts and/or value judgments e construed to withdraw legitimacy and can in some cases be a self-justifying mechanism, with the ultimate goal of justifying harm of an outgroup.The concept applies to a wide spectrum of social contexts ranging from disputes about political entities to chronic illnesses.

  • Illegitimize (verb)

    To make illegitimate.

  • Delegitimize (verb)

    To make something less legitimate.

  • Delegitimize (verb)

    To make something illegal that was previously legal.


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