Ignitor vs. Igniter

By Jaxson

  • Igniter

    A pyrotechnic initiator (also initiator or igniter) is a device containing a pyrotechnic composition used primarily to ignite other, more difficult-to-ignite materials, e.g. thermites, gas generators, and solid-fuel rockets. The name is often used also for the compositions themselves.

    Pyrotechnic initiators are often controlled electrically (called electro-pyrotechnic initiators), e.g. using a heated bridgewire or a bridge resistor. They are somewhat similar to blasting caps or other detonators, but they differ in that there is no intention to produce a shock wave. An example of such pyrotechnic initiator is an electric match.

  • Ignitor (noun)

    alternative spelling of igniter

  • Igniter (noun)

    Any device that is used to ignite something, especially a fuel mixture, or a charge of explosive

  • Igniter (noun)

    a device for igniting a fuel mixture in an engine.

  • Igniter (noun)

    a device for causing an electric arc.

Oxford Dictionary

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