Icee vs. Slurpee

By Jaxson

  • Icee

    The Icee Company is an American beverage company located in Ontario, California, United States. Its flagship product is the Icee (stylized as ICEE), which is a frozen carbonated beverage available in fruit and soda flavors. Icee also produces other frozen beverages and Italian ice pops under both the Icee and Slush Puppie brands. The company’s mascot is an animated polar bear.

    The Icee Company was founded by Omar Knedlik who is the inventor of the original Icee drink. It became the foundation for the Slurpee and other frozen machine drinks after several machines made by the company were purchased by 7-Eleven in 1965. It has been a division of J & J Snack Foods Corporation since 1988 and distributes product in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, China, and the Middle East.

  • Slurpee

    A Slurpee is a frozen carbonated beverage sold at 7-Eleven stores.


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