Hunh vs. Huh

By Jaxson

  • Hunh (interjection)

    alternative spelling of huh

  • Huh (interjection)

    used to express amusement or subtle surprise.

    “Huh! I’m sure I locked it when I left.”

  • Huh (interjection)

    Used to express doubt or confusion.

    “Huh? Where did they go?”

  • Huh (interjection)

    Used to reinforce a question.

    “Where were you last night? Huh?”

  • Huh (interjection)

    Used either to sarcastically to indicate utter agreement, and that the statement being responded to is an extreme understatement. The intonation is changed to distinguish between the two meanings – implied dullness for belittlement, and feigned surprise for utter agreement.

    “(belittlement) A:”We should go to an amusement park, it would be fun.” B:”Huh.””

    “(agreement) A””Murder is bad.” B:”Huh!””

  • Huh (interjection)

    Used to indicate that one did not hear what was said.

    “Huh? Could you speak up?”

  • Huh (interjection)

    Used to create a tag question.

    “It’s getting kind of late, huh?”

  • Huh (interjection)

    used to express scorn, anger, or surprise

    “‘Huh,’ she snorted, ‘Over my dead body!’”

  • Huh (interjection)

    used in questions to invite agreement or further comment

    “pretty devastating, huh?”

  • Huh (noun)

    askew; crooked

    “I’m not one to be picky but his tie is on the huh”

    “either that picture behind you is on the huh, or you are”

Oxford Dictionary

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