Hmm vs. Umm

By Jaxson

  • Hmm (interjection)

    Indicating thinking or pondering.

    “Hmm… that’s an interesting idea.”

    “Hmm… I just can’t decide between the two.”

  • Hmm (interjection)

    A demand for an answer to a question.

    “Just where were you until 2 a.m.? Hmm?”

  • Hmm (verb)

    To make a thoughtful humming noise.

  • Umm (interjection)

    Interjection implying hesitation; see um.

    “- How does a plane fly?”

    “- Umm, I don’t know.”

  • Umm (verb)

    To make the umm sound to express confusion or hesitancy.

  • Hmm (interjection)

    used to express reflection, uncertainty, or hesitation

    “hmm, interesting idea”

    “hmm, well I should probably get going”

    “A coincidence? Hmm”

Oxford Dictionary

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