Hight vs. Height

By Jaxson

Which is correct: Hight or Height

How to spell Height?

Correct Spelling
Incorrect Spelling

Main Difference

The main difference between Hight and Height is that the Hight is a mountain in United States of America and Height is a distance between the lowest end and highest end of an object.

  • Hight

    Mount Hight is a mountain located in Coos County, New Hampshire. The mountain is part of the Carter-Moriah Range of the White Mountains, which runs along the eastern-northeastern side of Pinkham Notch. Mount Hight is flanked on the north by South Carter Mountain across Zeta Pass, and on the southwest by Carter Dome.

    Although well over 4,000 feet (1,200 m) in height, the Appalachian Mountain Club doesn’t consider Hight a “four-thousand footer” because the col on the ridge from Carter Dome only descends 125 ft (38 m), making it a secondary summit of that peak. However, the bare summit of Mount Hight has the best views of any summit of the Carter-Moriah Range. Conversely, Carter Dome, the highest peak in the range, is wooded and has only limited views.

  • Height

    Height is the measure of vertical distance, either how “tall” something or someone is, or how “high” the position is.

    For example, “The height of that building is 50 m” or “The height of an airplane is about 10,000 m”.

    When the term is used to describe how high something like an airplane or a mountain peak is from sea level, height is more often called altitude.In a cartesian space, height is measured along the vertical axis (y) between a specific point and another that does not have the same y-value. If both points happen to have the same y-value, then their relative height equals to zero.

  • Hight (verb)

    To call, name.

  • Hight (verb)

    To be called or named.

  • Hight (verb)

    To command; to enjoin.

    “I hight ye take me wi’ ye. I ne can no lenger her b’live.”

  • Hight (adjective)

    Called, named.

  • Hight (noun)

    obsolete form of height

  • Height (noun)

    The distance from the base of something to the top.

  • Height (noun)

    The vertical distance from the ground to the highest part of a standing person or animal (withers in the case of a horse).

  • Height (noun)

    The highest point or maximum degree.

    “She’s at the height of her career.”

  • Height (noun)

    A mountain, especially a very high one.

  • Height (noun)

    An area of land at the top of a cliff.


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