Hear vs. Listen

By Jaxson

  • Hear (verb)

    To perceive sounds through the ear. from 10th c.

    “I was deaf, and now I can hear.”

  • Hear (verb)

    To perceive (a sound, or something producing a sound) with the ear, to recognize (something) in an auditory way. from 10th c.

    “I heard a sound from outside the window.”

  • Hear (verb)

    To exercise this faculty intentionally; to listen to. from 10th c.

  • Hear (verb)

    To listen favourably to; to grant (a request etc.). from 10th c.

    “Eventually the king chose to hear her entreaties.”

  • Hear (verb)

    To receive information about; to come to learn of. from 10th c.

  • Hear (verb)

    To be contacted by.

  • Hear (verb)

    To listen to (a person, case) in a court of law; to try. from 12th c.

    “Your case will be heard at the end of the month.”

  • Hear (verb)

    To sympathize with; to share the feeling or opinion of.

    “You’re tired of all the ads on TV? I hear ya.”

  • Listen (verb)

    To pay attention to a sound or speech.

    “Please listen carefully as I explain.”

    “I like to listen to music.”

  • Listen (verb)

    To expect or wait for a sound, such as a signal.

    “You should listen for the starting gun.”

  • Listen (verb)

    To accept advice or obey instruction; to agree or assent.

    “Listen, the only reason I yelled at you was because I was upset, OK?”

    “Good children listen to their parents.”

  • Listen (verb)

    To hear (something or someone), to pay attention to.

  • Hear (verb)

    perceive with the ear the sound made by (someone or something)

    “behind her she could hear men’s voices”

    “she had never been heard to complain”

    “he did not hear very well”

  • Hear (verb)

    listen or pay attention to

    “she just doesn’t hear what I’m telling her”

  • Hear (verb)

    listen to all that someone has to say

    “Joseph gravely heard them out but never offered advice”

  • Hear (verb)

    listen to and judge (a case or plaintiff)

    “an all-woman jury heard the case”

  • Hear (verb)

    listen to and grant (a prayer)

    “our Heavenly Father has heard our prayers”

  • Hear (verb)

    be told or informed of

    “they heard that I had moved”

    “I was shocked to hear of her death”

    “have you heard the news?”

  • Hear (verb)

    be aware of; know of the existence of

    “nobody had ever heard of my college”

  • Hear (verb)

    be contacted by (someone), especially by letter or telephone

    “if you would like to join the committee, we would love to hear from you”

  • Hear (verb)

    will or would not allow or agree to

    “I won’t hear of such idiocy”

  • Listen (verb)

    give one’s attention to a sound

    “evidently he was not listening”

    “sit and listen to the radio”

  • Listen (verb)

    take notice of and act on what someone says; respond to advice or a request

    “I told her over and over again, but she wouldn’t listen”

  • Listen (verb)

    make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something

    “they listened for sounds from the baby’s room”

  • Listen (verb)

    used to urge someone to pay attention to what one is going to say

    “listen, I’ve had an idea”

  • Listen (noun)

    an act of listening to something

    “radio plays are definitely worth a listen”

Oxford Dictionary

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