Hassle vs. Struggle

By Jaxson

  • Hassle

    Hassle (59°21′N 15°22′E) is a location in Närke, Sweden, where a Celtic treasure was found in 1936.

    The treasure comprises a large bronze cauldron which contained two Bronze Age swords of the Hallstatt type, a pommel of bronze, two bronze buckets with ciste a cordoni, two small hooks of bronze and twelve large circular bronze plates with fittings of iron. All of the items were imported.

    The cauldron belongs to a special kind of cultic cauldrons usually found in Italy and Greece, while the buckets are of a kind found in southern and central Europe.

  • Hassle (noun)

    Trouble, bother, unwanted annoyances or problems.

    “I went through a lot of hassle to be the first to get a ticket.”

  • Hassle (noun)

    A fight or argument.

  • Hassle (noun)

    An action which is not worth the difficulty involved.

  • Hassle (verb)

    To trouble, to bother, to annoy.

    “The unlucky boy was hassled by a gang of troublemakers on his way home.”

  • Hassle (verb)

    To pick a fight or start an argument.

  • Struggle (noun)

    A contortion of the body in an attempt to escape or to perform a difficult task.

  • Struggle (noun)

    Strife, contention, great effort.

  • Struggle (verb)

    To strive, to labour in difficulty, to fight (for or against), to contend.

    “During the centuries, the people of Ireland struggled constantly to assert their right to govern themselves.”

  • Struggle (verb)

    To strive, or to make efforts, with a twisting, or with contortions of the body.

    “She struggled to escape from her assailant’s grasp.”

  • Hassle (noun)

    irritating inconvenience

    “travelling can be a hassle”

    “the hassle of child care”

  • Hassle (noun)

    deliberate harassment

    “when I told them I would not work on Sundays I got hassle”

  • Hassle (noun)

    a disagreement or quarrel

    “an election-year hassle with farmers”

  • Hassle (verb)

    harass; pester

    “you want to sit and relax and not get hassled”

Oxford Dictionary

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