Happy vs. Lucky

By Jaxson

  • Happy (adjective)

    Having a arising from a consciousness of well-being or of enjoyment; enjoying good of any kind, such as comfort, peace, or tranquillity; blissful, contented, joyous.

    “Music makes me feel happy.”

  • Happy (adjective)

    Experiencing the effect of favored by fortune or luck; fortunate, lucky, propitious.

  • Happy (adjective)

    Content, satisfied (with or to do something); having no objection (to something).

    “Are you happy to pay me back by the end of the week?”

    “Yes, I am happy with the decision.”

  • Happy (adjective)

    Of acts, speech, etc.: appropriate, apt, felicitous.

    “a happy coincidence”

  • Happy (adjective)

    Favoring or inclined to use.

    “slaphappy, trigger-happy”

  • Happy (adjective)

    Of persons, especially when referring to their ability to express themselves (often followed by at or in): dexterous, ready, skilful.

  • Happy (noun)

    preceded by the: happy people as a group.

  • Happy (noun)

    A happy event, thing, person, etc.

  • Happy (verb)

    Often followed by up: to become happy; to brighten up, to cheer up.

  • Happy (verb)

    Often followed by up: to cheer, to enliven.

  • Lucky (adjective)

    (of people) Favoured by luck; fortunate; having good success or good fortune

    “a lucky adventurer”

    “The downed pilot is very lucky to be alive.”

  • Lucky (adjective)

    Producing, or resulting in, good fortune

    “a lucky mistake”

    “a lucky cast”

    “a lucky hour”


  • Happy (adjective)

    feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

    “they are happy to see me doing well”

    “Melissa came in looking happy and excited”

    “we’re just happy that he’s still alive”

  • Happy (adjective)

    having a sense of trust and confidence in (a person, arrangement, or situation)

    “he was not happy about the proposals”

  • Happy (adjective)

    satisfied with the quality or standard of

    “I’m happy with his performance”

  • Happy (adjective)

    willing to do something

    “we will be happy to advise you”

  • Happy (adjective)

    used in greetings

    “happy Christmas”

  • Happy (adjective)

    fortunate and convenient

    “he had the happy knack of making people like him”

  • Happy (adjective)

    inclined to use a specified thing excessively or at random

    “they tended to be grenade-happy”

Oxford Dictionary

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