Handful vs. Handfull

By Jaxson

  • Handful (noun)

    The amount that a hand will grasp or contain.

    “I put two or three corns in my mouth, liked it, stole a handful, went into my chamber, chewed it, and for two months after never failed taking toll of every pennyworth of oatmeal that came into the house. – Joseph Addison, The Spectator, Vol. VI”

  • Handful (noun)

    A hand’s breadth; four inches.

  • Handful (noun)

    A small number, usually approximately five.

  • Handful (noun)

    A group or number of things; a bunch.

  • Handful (noun)

    Something which can only be managed with difficulty.

    “Those twins are a real handful to look after.”

  • Handfull (noun)

    archaic form of handful


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