Guts vs. Nuts

By Jaxson

  • Guts (noun)

    plural of gut

  • Guts (noun)

    The entrails or contents of the abdomen.

  • Guts (noun)

    Courage; determination.

    “It must have taken some guts to speak in front of that audience.”

    “She doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone—she’s got guts.”

  • Guts (noun)

    Content, substance.

    “His speech had no guts in it.”

  • Guts (noun)

    The essential, core parts.

    “He knew all about the guts of the business, how things actually get done.”

  • Guts (noun)

    One’s innermost feelings.

    “If you need someone to spill your guts out to, I’m here.”

  • Guts (verb)

    To show determination or courage (especially in the combination guts out).

    “He gutsed out a 6-1 win.”

  • Nuts (noun)


    “Ohhh, he just got kicked in the nuts!”

  • Nuts (noun)

    An unbeatable hand; the best poker hand available.

    “If the board is 234QA, all of spades, the nuts is 56 of spades.”

    “If the board is 4444J, the nuts is any hand with an ace.”

  • Nuts (adjective)

    Insane, mad.

    “After living on the island alone for five years, he eventually went nuts.”

  • Nuts (adjective)

    Crazy, mad; unusually pleased or, alternatively, angered.

    “I just go nuts over her fantastic desserts.”

    “The referee made a bad call against the home team and the crowd went nuts.”

  • Nuts (adjective)

    Very fond of (on) someone.

    “He’s been nuts on her since the day they met.”

  • Nuts (interjection)

    Indicates annoyance, anger, or disappointment.

    “Nuts! They didn’t even listen to what I had to say.”

  • Nuts (interjection)

    Signifies rejection of a proposal or idea, as in no way, or nothing doing; often followed by to.}}

    “They want me to pay $5 for a banana? Nuts to that!”


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