Grateful vs. Thankful

By Jaxson

  • Grateful (adjective)

    Appreciative; thankful.

    “I’m grateful that you helped me out.”

    “I’m grateful to you for helping me out.”

  • Grateful (adjective)

    Pleasing, welcome.

  • Thankful (adjective)

    Showing appreciation or gratitude.

    “I’m thankful that you helped me out today. How can I ever repay you?”

  • Thankful (adjective)

    Obtaining or deserving thanks; thankworthy.

  • Grateful (adjective)

    feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received

    “I’m grateful to you for all your help”

    “she gave him a grateful smile”

  • Grateful (adjective)

    received or experienced with gratitude; welcome

    “the grateful shade”

Oxford Dictionary

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