Goomah vs. Goombah

By Jaxson

  • Goombah

    Goombah (also spelled Goomba, Goombah, Gumba, or Gumbah) is slang for people of Italian descent, mainly in the United States, with several related connotations to the Mafia or gangs of Italian or Italian-American origin.

  • Goomah (noun)

    A mistress.

  • Goomah (noun)

    The mistress of a Mafioso.

  • Goombah (noun)

    A person of Italian descent.


  • Goombah (noun)

    A companion, pal, close friend, or associate, used especially among Italian-American men. It sometimes has the connotation of an older friend who acts as a patron, protector or adviser.

  • Goombah (noun)

    an associate or accomplice, especially a senior member of a criminal gang.

Oxford Dictionary

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