Gofer vs. Gopher

By Jaxson

Main Difference

The main difference between Gofer and Gopher is that the Gofer is a employee who specializes in delivery of special items to their superior(s) and Gopher is a family of mammals.

  • Gofer

    A gofer, go-fer or gopher is an employee who specializes in the delivery of special items to their superior(s). Examples of these special items include a cup of coffee, a tailored suit, and a car. Outside of the business world, the term is used to describe a child or young adult who is learning how to do tasks and is sent to fetch items. A similar job is that of peon in Commonwealth countries.

  • Gopher

    Pocket gophers, commonly referred to as just gophers, are burrowing rodents of the family Geomyidae. There are about 35 species, all endemic to North and Central America. They are commonly known for their extensive tunneling activities and their ability to destroy farms and gardens.

    The name pocket gopher on its own may be used to refer to any of a number of genera within the Geomyidae family. These are the “true” gophers, but several ground squirrels in the distantly related Sciuridae family are often called “gophers”, as well. The origin of the word ‘gopher’ is uncertain; French gaufre, meaning ‘waffle’, has been suggested, on account of the gopher tunnels resembling the honeycomb-like pattern of holes in a waffle; another suggestion is that the word is of Muskogean origin.

  • Gofer (noun)

    A worker who runs errands; an errand boy.

  • Gopher (noun)

    A small burrowing rodent, especially in the family Geomyidae.

  • Gopher (noun)

    The gopher tortoise.


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