Gewgaw vs. Gimcrack

By Jaxson

  • Gimcrack

    Gimcrack (1760 – after 1777) was an English thoroughbred racehorse.

  • Gewgaw (noun)

    A showy trifle, a toy; a showy trinket, ornament or decoration. from 15th c.

  • Gewgaw (adjective)

    Showy; unreal; pretentious.

  • Gimcrack (adjective)

    Showy but of poor quality; worthless.

  • Gimcrack (noun)

    Something showy but worthless; a gimmick or bauble.

  • Gimcrack (verb)

    To put together quickly and without much care; to bodge.

  • Gimcrack (verb)

    To embellish with gimcracks.


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