Gametogenesis vs. Embryogenesis

By Jaxson

  • Gametogenesis

    Gametogenesis is a biological process by which diploid or haploid precursor cells undergo cell division and differentiation to form mature haploid gametes. Depending on the biological life cycle of the organism, gametogenesis occurs by meiotic division of diploid gametocytes into various gametes, or by mitosis. For example, plants produce gametes through mitosis in gametophytes. The gametophytes grow from haploid spores after sporic meiosis. The existence of a multicellular, haploid phase in the life cycle between meiosis and gametogenesis is also referred to as alternation of generations.

  • Gametogenesis (noun)

    The process by which gametes are produced.

  • Embryogenesis (noun)

    The process by which an embryo is formed and develops.


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