Furthermore vs. Further

By Jaxson

  • Furthermore (adverb)

    In addition; what’s more; used to denote additional information.

    “He skillfully took charge of the event, and furthermore, he stayed late after it to clean up.”

  • Further (verb)

    To encourage growth.

    “Further the economy.”

  • Further (verb)

    To support progress or growth of something.

  • Further (adjective)

    ; of or pertaining to being distant, or of greater distance in degree or of extension in time.

  • Further (adjective)

    More, additional.

  • Further (adverb)

    Also; in addition to.

  • Further (adverb)

    At greater distance in space or time; farther.

    “Washington DC is further from Europe than New York.”

  • Further (adverb)

    Moreover; beyond what is already stated.

    “Further, affiant sayeth naught. (A formal statement ending a deposition or affidavit, immediately preceding the affiant’s signature.)”

  • Further (adverb)

    In continuation of what has already been enacted

    “furtherance|alt1=in furtherance”


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