Fun vs. Funny

By Jaxson

  • Fun

    Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in leisure activities. Fun is an experience often unexpected, informal or purposeless. It is an enjoyable distraction, diverting the mind and body from any serious task or contributing an extra dimension to it. Although particularly associated with recreation and play, fun may be encountered during work, social functions, and even seemingly mundane activities of daily living. It may often have little to no logical basis, and opinions on whether an activity is fun may differ from person to person. A distinction between enjoyment and fun is difficult but possible to articulate, fun being a more spontaneous, playful, or active event. There are psychological and physiological implications to the experience of fun.

    Modern Westernized civilizations prioritize fun as an external and sexual aspect.

  • Fun (noun)

    amusement, enjoyment or pleasure

  • Fun (noun)

    playful, often noisy, activity.

  • Fun (adjective)

    enjoyable, amusing

    “We had a fun time at the party.”

    “He is such a fun person to be with.”

  • Fun (adjective)

    whimsical, flamboyant

    “This year’s fashion style is much more fun than recent seasons.”

  • Fun (verb)

    To tease, kid, poke fun at, make fun of.

    “Hey, don’t get bent out of shape over it; I was just funning you.”

  • Funny (adjective)

    Amusing; humorous; comical. from the mid-18th c.

    “When I went to the circus, I only found the clowns funny.”

  • Funny (adjective)

    Strange or unusual, often implying unpleasant. from the early 19th c.

    “The milk smelt funny so I poured it away.”

    “I’ve got a funny feeling that this isn’t going to work.”

  • Funny (adjective)

    Showing unexpected resentment.

  • Funny (noun)

    A joke.

  • Funny (noun)

    A comic strip.

  • Funny (noun)

    A narrow clinker-built boat for sculling.

  • Funny (adverb)

    In an unusual manner; strangely.

  • Fun (noun)

    enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure

    “the children were having fun in the play area”

  • Fun (noun)

    a source of fun

    “people-watching is great fun”

  • Fun (noun)

    playfulness or good humour

    “she’s full of fun”

  • Fun (noun)

    behaviour or an activity that is intended purely for amusement and should not be interpreted as having any serious or malicious purpose

    “the column’s just a bit of fun”

  • Fun (adjective)

    amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable

    “it was a fun evening”

    “being on set with the cast and crew was really fun”

  • Fun (adjective)

    (of a place or event) providing entertainment or leisure activities for children

    “a school fun day”

  • Fun (verb)

    joke or tease

    “they are just funning you”

    “no need to get sore—I was only funning”

  • Funny (adjective)

    causing laughter or amusement; humorous

    “the play is hilariously funny”

    “a funny story”

  • Funny (adjective)

    used to emphasize that something is serious or should be taken seriously

    “stealing other people’s work isn’t funny”

  • Funny (adjective)

    difficult to explain or understand; strange or odd

    “I had a funny feeling you’d be around”

    “the funny thing is I can’t remember much about it”

    “I do get some funny looks”

    “it’s a funny old world”

    “that’s funny!—that vase of flowers has been moved”

  • Funny (adjective)

    unusual, especially in such a way as to arouse suspicion

    “there was something funny going on”

  • Funny (adjective)

    slightly but undefinably unwell

    “suddenly my stomach felt funny”

    “Are you okay? You look a bit funny”

  • Funny (noun)

    comic strips in newspapers

    “I read the sports page, funnies, and editorial”

  • Funny (noun)

    a joke or witty remark

    “he regaled his hosts with a few funnies”

    “I was trying to make a funny, but failed miserably”

Oxford Dictionary

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