From vs. Since

By Jaxson

  • From (preposition)

    With the source or provenance of or at.

    “This wine comes from France.”

    “I got a letter from my brother.”

  • From (preposition)

    With the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at.

    “He had books piled from floor to ceiling.”

    “He left yesterday from Chicago.”

    “Face away from the wall!”

  • From (preposition)

    Denoting a subtraction operation.

    “20 from 31 leaves 11.”

  • From (preposition)

    With the separation, exclusion or differentiation of.

    “An umbrella protects from the sun.”

    “He knows right from wrong.”

  • Since (adverb)

    From a specified time in the past.

    “I met him last year, but haven’t seen him since.”

  • Since (preposition)

    From: referring to a period of time ending in the present and defining it by the point in time at which it started, or the period in which its starting point occurred.

  • Since (preposition)

    Continuously during that period of time.

    “I have known her since last year.”


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