Frier vs. Fryer

By Jaxson

  • Frier

    Frier is a surname of Germanic origin. The name refers to:

    Annette Frier (born 1974), German actress and comedian

    Helga Frier (1893–1972), Danish actress

    Lena Frier Kristiansen (born 1983), Danish badminton player

    Mike Frier (born 1969), American football player

    Pierre André Frier (1836- 1869), French military

    Julien Frier (born 1974), French rugby player

    T. J. Frier (born 1977), American football player

  • Fryer (noun)

    A container for frying food.

  • Fryer (noun)

    A young chicken suitable for frying; a pullet


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