Forever vs. Indefinitely

By Jaxson

  • Forever (adverb)

    For all time, for all eternity; for a lifetime; for an infinite amount of time.

    “I shall love you forever.”

  • Forever (adverb)

    For a very long time, a seeming eternity.

    “We had to wait forever to get inside.”

  • Forever (adverb)

    Constantly or frequently.

    “You are forever nagging me.”

  • Forever (noun)

    An extremely long time.

    “I haven’t seen him in forever!”

  • Forever (noun)

    a mythical time in the infinite future that will never come.

    “Sure, I’d be happy to meet with you on the 12th of forever.”

  • Forever (adjective)

    Permanent, lasting

  • Indefinitely (adverb)

    In a manner that is not definite.

    “an indefinitely determined fossil”

  • Indefinitely (adverb)

    For a long time, with no defined end.

  • Indefinitely (adverb)


  • Indefinitely (adverb)

    for an unlimited or unspecified period of time

    “talks cannot go on indefinitely”

  • Indefinitely (adverb)

    to an unlimited or unspecified degree or extent

    “an indefinitely large number of channels”

Oxford Dictionary

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